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The Nanjing 66-Forms is a known standard,
   There exists also a 96-form and a 104-form series.

六合八法 Liu He Ba Fa 
Six harmonies and Eight methods
66-Form Series, of Wu Yi-hui
Nanjing-66  南京 六合八法 拳
Hong Kong-66  香港  六合八法 拳

Preparation and opening
1.  停車問路 ting che wen lu,  stop the cart,  ask the way
2.  臨崖勒馬 lin ya le ma,  rein in the horse at the edge of the cliff
3.  閉門推月 bi men tui yue,  close the door,  push the moon
4.  撥雲見日 bo yun jian ri , brush aside the clouds to see the sun
5.  臨崖勒馬 lin ya le ma,  rein in the horse at the edge of the cliff
6.  摘星換斗 zhai xing huan dou,  pluck the stars and rearrange them
7.  鴻雁雙飛 hong yan shuang fei,  pair of wild geese fly together
8.  閉門推月 bi men tui yue,  close the door,  push the moon
9.  孤雁出群 gu yan chu qun,  single goose leaves the flock
10.  野馬追風 ye ma zhui feng,  wild horse chases the wind
11.  川流不息 chuan liu bu xi,  rivers flow without end
12.  伏虎聽風 fu hu ting feng,  crouching tiger listens to the wind
13.  聲東擊西 sheng dong ji xi,  feint to the east but attack to the west
14.  青龍探爪 qing long tan zhua,  green dragon stretches its claws
15.  丹成九轉 dan cheng jiu zhuan,  miracle pill is formed after nine turns
16.  撥雲見日 bo yun jian ri , brush aside the clouds to see the sun
17.  順水推舟 shun shui tui zhou,  push the boat with the current
18.  怒馬回頭 nu ma hui tou,  angry horse turns around
19.  瓶花落硯 ping hua luo yan,  flower falls from the vase onto the ink stone
20.  高山流水 gao shan liu shui,  water falls from high mountains
21.  兒童送書 er tong song shu,  page boy brings books
22.  樵夫擔柴 qiao fu dan chai,  woodcutter carries firewood
23.  天官指星 tian guan zhi xing,  celestial officer points at the stars
24.  五雲捧月 wu yun peng yue,  five clouds cradle the moon
25.  托天蓋地 tuo tian gai di,  support the heavens and cover the earth
26.  燕子抄水 yan zi chao shui,   swallow skims across the water
27.  朝陽貫耳 zhao yang guan er,  morning sun pierces the ears
28.  截手雙推 jie shou shuang tui,  intercept the hands and push out
29.  薰風掃葉 xun feng sao ye,  breeze sweeps away the leaves
30.  燕子啣泥 yan zi xian ni   swallow holds clay in its beak
31.  靈猿摘菓 ling yuan zhai guo   wise monkey plucks fruit
32.  猛虎回頭 meng hu hui tou   fierce tiger turns around
33.  旋轉乾坤 xuan zhuan qian kun turn the universe around and around
34.  風擺荷葉 feng bai he ye,  lotus leaves sway in the wind
35.  掩手衝拳 yan shou chong quan,  conceal the hand and punch out
36.  琵琶遮面 pi pa zhe mian,  shield the face with a lute
37.  流星趕月 liu xing gan yue,  shooting star chases away the moon
38.  燕子斜飛 yan zi xie fei,  swallow flies obliquely
39.  丹鳳朝陽 dan feng zhao yang,  phoenix looks up at the morning sun
40.  翻江攪海 fan jiang jiao hai, overturn the river and stir up the sea
41.  倒騎龍背 dao qi long bei,  ride backwards on the dragon's back
42.  狸貓撲蝶 li mao pu die,  sly cat pounces on the butterfly
43.  抽梁換柱 chou liang huan zhu,  pull out the beam and exchange the pillar
44.  風卷殘雲 feng juan can yun , wind rolls up and scatters the clouds
45.  蟄龍現身 zhi long xian shen,  hibernating dragon reappears
46.  烏龍擺尾 wu long bai wei,  black dragon swings its tail
47.  平分秋色 ping fen qiu se , split evenly the autumn colors
48.  走馬觀花 zou ma guan hua,  look at the flowers while riding on horseback
49.  魁星獻斗 kui xing xian dou,  Kui-Xing presents the constellation
50.  燕子穿雲 yan zi chuan yun,  swallow flies through the clouds
51.  提手七星 ti shou qi xing,  lift the hands in the form of the seven stars
52.  雁子橫斜 yan zi heng xie,  line of wild geese fly obliquely
53.  龍轉身黃 huang long zhuan shen,  yellow dragon turns around
54.  五聖朝天 wu sheng zhao tian,  five saints salute the heavens
55.  葉底藏蓮 ye di cang lian,  lotus flower is concealed underneath leaves
56.  鳳凰展翅 feng huang zhan chi,  phoenix stretches its wings
57.  白鸛啄食 bai guan zhuo shi,  white stork pecks at its food
58.  月掛松梢 yue gua song shao,  moon hangs at the end of the pine
59.  倒揭牛尾 dao jie niu wei,  topple the ox by its tail
60.  童子抱琴 tong zi bao qin , boy embraces a zither
61.  犀牛望月 xi niu wang yue,  rhinoceros looks at the moon
62.  鷂子穿林 yao zi chuan lin,  hawk darts into the woods
63.  赤龍攪水 chi long jiao shui , red dragon stirs the water
64.  風動浮萍 feng dong fu ping,  drifting duckweed is blown by the wind
65.  氣升崑崙 qi sheng kun lun,  Qi rises to the Kun-Lun mountains
66.  存氣開關 cun qi kai guan,  keep the Qi ready

Translation Credit : Copyright  ŠEric Lee 
[ eric.lee@mac.com ,], as part of  commentary regarding 
....compare with translation by Li Chung.

Note: the choice of 66 forms is also likely due to 2x33, both are prime numbers. Also, it is useful to compare the terminology used with that appearing in some of the music accredited/ honoring Chen Tuan [Bo].

Liu He Ba Fa video-series of 96-forms
Jiang Jian-Ye  姜 建 业  of Shanghai [now teaching in USA]

Northern Style =Shandong : 96-form,  九十六  
Southern Style =Henan : 104-form, 一百零四 

1. starting position
2. open the door and see the mountain
3. qi sink to dan tian
4. stop and ask path
5. through palm in bow stance
6. stop horse close to cliff
7. close door and push the moon
8. white crane spreads its wings
9. brush knee and push (left)
10. pair geese fly together
11. brush knee and push (right)
12. pair geese fly together
13. flowing water never stops
14. pull back and spread
15. beat tiger and listen to the wind
16. close door and push the moon
17. advancing skiff along the flow
18. strong dragon extends claw
19. water cascades down high mountain
20. child offers book
21. Jiao Fu carries firewood
22. pick up star from heaven's palace
23. pair phoenixes toward the sun
24. open window and see the moon
25. wild horse parts its mane
26. single goose out of group
27. embrace the moon
28. tiger out of cave
29. tiger sitting position
30. child offers book
31. turn body and push
32. push heaven up and push
33. white crane spreads its wings
34. brush knee and push (left)
35. child offers book
36. pull back and push down
37. ferocious tiger turn his head back
38. step back and white crane spreads its wings
39. pull back press and push
40. flowing star catches the moon
41. shuttle through position
42. child offers book
43. Jiao Fu carries firewood
44. pair geese fly together
45. sweep aside clouds to reveal the sun
46. swallow skims upon the water
47. cat catches butterfly
48. black dragon wiggles tail
49. support beam to replace pillar
50. close door and push the moon
51. pull back and push
52. close door and push the moon
53. golden rooster eats food
54. pick up golden bell
55. potential dragon in the field
56. zhe dragon comes out
57. child holds qin
58. breathe wind like water
59. swallow goes through forest
60. shuttle through position
61. golden rooster eats food
62. close door and push the moon
63. punch fist
64. moon hanged by pine tree
65. close door and push the moon
66. pull back and press
67. black dragon wiggles tail
68. ride horse and watch flower
69. hidden lotus under the leaves
70. turn river and sea over
71. swallow goes through forest
72. eagle flies in the sky
73. pull back and press
74. brush knee and push
75. deflect parry and punch
76. piba [mandolin] covers face
77. flowing star catches the moon
78. embrace golden dou
79. making tornado
80. clouding heaven and cover earth
81. block and punch with bow stance
      (left and right)
82. embrace golden dou
83. monkey picks up fruit
84. pick star up and change dou
85. step back and ride dragon
86. black dragon wiggles tail
87. dance phoenix toward the sun
88. qi rise from kun lun mountain
89. palm cuts downward in empty stance
90. swallow skims upon the water
91. golden rooster eats food
92. white crane eats food
93. turn body and sweep lotus legs
94. punch fist into well
95. qi sink to dan tian
96. close position

To: LiuHoPaFa@yahoogroups.com
From: "brendamassage2000" brendamassage2000@yahoo.ca
Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2005 14:37:05 -0000
Subject: [LiuHoPaFa] Re: Jiang Jian Ye Liu He Ba Fa movement names

> Jiang's LHBF has the feel of Terry Dunn's, slow and tai chi like. I think his LHBF is a modified set, compiling LHBF with lots of Yang, Chen, Wu tai chi, ba gua and xing yi. A long and pretty set, but I think there are probably better videos out there on LHBF.
> > > I've been a member for a while and thought it was time to post.
I picked up Jiang Jian Ye's Liu He Ba Fa video set out of curiosity.
His set has 96 movements, which is longer than the traditional 66 movement set.

I found his set to have movements that look like they were taken right out of tai chi, bagua and xing yi sets, for example,  there were moves that were done just like in Chen tai chi, Wu tai chi and xing yi 5 elements. I'm guessing he is giving "flavour" to the set from all his experience in the other internal arts. I'm posting his movement names FYI.

More complete topic information is within my publication.