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Contemporary Teachers :
     The spread of recent to current 'contemporary' teachers can be classified and presented either as
.....schema originating from LHBF founder Wu YiHui
.....schema originating from long time proteges: Lu Gui-yao, etc.
.....schema originating from protege Chen Yik-yan in Hongkong, or
.....schema attached to various cities where either of the above taught.
   Each tree lineage schema is unsatisfying and not easily untangled; each schema tends to cycle, to terminate, or become doubtful as to source or doubtful as to claims of lineage. Bonefide history is somewhat corrupted and there exists a group activilly corrupting the lineage by restricting and protecting its distribution.
   That said, a known distribution would be as follows:
The known geographical distribution leading to contemporary and/ or current teachers would be as follows:
...Shanghai : [this is Wu Yi-hui's first 'public' teachings, elder students exist]
...Nanjing : [this is Wu Yi-hui's academic teachings]
...Hongkong : [this is Chen YY protected teachings and limited proteges]
...PRC : [this is usually from Wu Yi-hui's early students with some mixing later]
...USA, ['refugee' teachers of Hongkong or PRC in search of creative freedom]
...Canada : ['refugee' teachers of Hongkong or PRC]
...Europe : [first teachers from USA, later as PRC seminar teachers]
...Asean : [Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, ...Philippines, Australia]
In addition to geographical distribution, their exists practice variants caused by :
...Wu teaching selection and evolution: large/ small-'frame', fixed-position, stepping-series
...Student comprehension and favoritism: standardization to IMA-3, bakua- and xingyi- favortism; some students only learned or favored the LuHong 8-Links boxing.
...Student cross-teachings and evolution: alignment / absorption of yiquan and/ or hunyuan principles. This was opposed by Chen YY.  This only resulted in teachers creating another name [HuaYo-, HwaYue-, Taoist- Tai-chi-] to their creation anyway.

In addition to the above, there exists 'political' variants, students or teachers who attempt to counter factual history/ lineages claiming that they are 'true insiders', 'fully trained', or 'chosen ones'. This misguiding only results in corruption of principles.

LiuHeBaFa : Lineage Contemporary Teachers
Successorship: Nanjing outward: Hongkong to USA

Encylopedia Reference :  
   As notable as Wikipedia is, its' continual changes at the hands of the helpful public is slowly biasing the data.  These wiki's are also incomplete as they omit data and focus only on the Nanjing and Hong Kong schemes. Thus, I have a listing of what I consider to be a brief and useful.

==External links==
* [http://www.liuhebafachuan.com  Intl Liuhebafa Internal Arts Association]
* [http://waterspirit6x8.tripod.com   Academic discussion]
* [http://www.liuhopafa.com  Choi Wai-lun, Chicago, USA]
* [http://www.chinakf.net/englishver/main.html  Yun Yin-sen, Shanghai, China]
* [http://www.dmaa.co.uk  Tom Braithwaite, Dragon Martial Arts Association, UK]
* [http://www.liuhebafa.com.hk  Kam Tung, Hong Kong]
* [http://www.liuhebafa-lgy.com  Lu Gui-yao, Chin Wo Athletic Ass, Foshan]
* [http://lhbflm.com/index.asp Wu Ying-hua, S. China Institute Huainan, Anhui]
* [http://wudanglongmen.com/form.html  Liu Xiang-ling, Takoma PK, MD, USA]
* [http://homepage.mac.com/eric.lee/taiji/liuhebafa  Eric Lee, Germany and USA]
[Note: a complete listing of all known schools and teachers has been compiled within my publication.]

Note: The lineage, from teacher-founder Wu Yi-hui is much in dispute:

1. it should fall to his son Wu, Ying-hua  吴英華
2. it should fall to his longest student Lu Gui Yao 盧桂耀 [died 2012]
3. it should fall to a student outside 'Communist' China, Chan Yik Yan 陳亦人 
4. it should fall to the most capable student Zhang Chang-xin 張長信
5. it should fall to most influential 'preserver' spreader of the exercise.]
6. it should fall to one with the most videos and promotions.

[ One may be tempted to chose either Li Dao-li or Liang Zhi-peng, but both
teachers are now deceased; other qualified teachers are now retired or will no longer teach publically. There also exists the self promoting of teachers proteges, each insisting that their 'teacher' was the best..and therefore they are 'teachers' teaching the best to their 'closed door' paying students.]

LHBF-Nanking :
Wu, Yi Hui, 吴翼翚, [ 1887 Nov 30 - 1958 Mar 29; age 71 ]
aka. Founder of Nanking LHBF, certified 25 teachers :
Bo1 Song1-lu4  祿, Gao1 Cheng1 -shan2 ,
Ju2 Po2 -fang2 菊潑肪 
Li3 Dao4 -li4, Li Dao Lap, 李道立 ,   Li1 -yu4 李 煜,  Li Jian -Yu 李見宇,
Li1 He4 -hai3 李鶴海 , Li1 Kong3 -zhui2, 李孔隹,
Liang1 Qi3 -zhong2 梁啓忠 , Liang1 Yin2 -pei2, 梁陰 培,
Liang2 Zi3 -peng2, 梁子鵬 (students: Fong Pak Shing, 方伯誠)
Liu2 Cheng1-peng2, 鵬, Liu1 Hai3 -zhou4 , 劉海晝,
Liu1 Huan4 -zhang4,1, 劉焕章,
Ma3 Guo2 -rui4 馬國瑞, Ou2 Wo4 -can4 區沃燦,
Tan1 Zhao4-sheng2 (), 
Wan4 Chun1-lu4 祿Wei1 -bo2  維鉢.
   Wu's choices of a successor seemed to have been directed towards a student that would be outside the influence of Red China's suppression of traditions and martial arts; the choice, at that time led to Hong Kong. The influence and locales of all of Msr. Wu's other students remains mostly unknown, although an occasional reference does appear within the Chinese language sites.

LHBF-Anhui, Huainan :  南京 Nanjing, 安徽 Anhui, 淮南 Huainan
     The two main branches of the Wu Yi-hui, Nanjing teachings are via his son and his student Lu Gui-yao; yet, for successorship Chen Yik-yan was chosen.

Wu, Ying-hua 吴英華, son of Wu Yi-hui; lineage  inheritor, has focused on style preservation, research, and seminar organization. A 3-Disk DVD exercise series is available as is a publication.   Website: http://lhbflm.com/index.asp

Recently  Wu Yi-Hui's son is setting up an International Alliance and inviting people to joint in. http://lhbflm.com/ARTICLEhaiwaizhichuang/ShowArticle.asp?ArticleID=105

I think in the future,there will be many difference of lineage of LHBF, like Chan Yik-yan lineage, Leung Zhi-pang lineage, Li Dao-li etc. because they are so much different. I heard some senior said, in the meeting host by Wu Ying-hua, all Masters insist to play their own style and cannot unify the LHBF 66 form, so everyone just publish their own style made LHBF confusing the martial art people.”   Thomas Choi, HK.

LHBF-Foshan :
 Lu Gui Yao ( 盧桂耀 ) (1919-2012 ) disciple of Wu Yi Hui; founder: International Liu He Ba Fa Lu, Gui-Yao Association, Guang Dong, Foshan, PRC. Designated 15 'tutor' disciples :
陳輝教(靜教) Chen hui-jiao (jingjiao); 陳凱珊(靜珊) Chen kai-shan (jingshan); 王國強(靜國 ) Wang guo-qiang ( jingguo) 美國 (USA); 劉偉業(靜業) Liu wei-ye (jingye); 嚴 健(靜健) Yan jian (jingjian); 潘海賢(靜海) Pan Hai-xian (jinghai); 潘海榮(靜榮) Pan Hai-rong (jingrong); 彭智彪(靜彪) Peng Zhi-biao (jingbiao); 潘 椿(靜椿) Pan Chun (jingchun); 蔡健強(靜強) Cai Jian-qiang (jingqiang); 譚文鋒(靜鋒) Tan Wen-feng (jingfeng); 丘國安(靜安) Qiu Quo-an (jingan) 香港(HK); 陸才偉(靜才) Liu Cai-wei (jingcai) 美國 (USA); 許傑華(靜傑); Hui Kit-wah (jinjie) 香港(HK); 李志成(靜志) Li zhi-cheng (jinxhi).

LHBF-Shanghai :
Zhang2 Chang1-xin4,  張長信 student of Wu Yi-Hui, certified teacher and author Zhang Chang-xin,   張長信 Zhang Xiao-yuan [and Master Liang Qi-zhong]  teacher and author; Hong Kong Yuan Lan Print, Inc. December, 1990
Zhang4 guo2 tai4; 國泰 Cheung Kwok Tai; Cheung Kuo Dai;

LHBF-Hong Kong :
 Chan Yik Yan 陳亦人 (Chen Yi Ren) 1909-1982; student of Liuhebafa founder Wu Yi Hui. as successor.  Chan Yik-yan taught Liuhebafa in Hong Kong and Singapore. Chen is known to have implemented as closed door 'conservation' of his knowledge to mostly affluent students. Chan Yik Yan designated disciples: Ref: www.visualwikipedia.com 
  There now exist a political dispute as to 'whom' should succeed: [ Lung Wah =Long Hua, 龍華 , Mok Kei Fai =Mo Qi Hui, 莫其輝 , Choi Wai Lun =Cai Hui Lin, 蔡惠麟 Jau Mui Tin =Zhou Mei Tian, 周梅天, He Man Xiang =Ho Moon Cheung, Pan Yi =Poon Yi ]
 Thomas Choi, Choi, Yut Ho, 蔡一浩, Cai4 Yi1-hao4,  http://liuhe-bafa.ma-blog.de/2007/12/    In 1967 he started to learn Liuhe Bafa first with Msr. Li Chung and from 1969 with Msr .Chen Yik Yan. [ Teachers are Li Chow qi-rong? 榮 ]
Peter Ziboce,  邵保勝 Shao4 Bao3-sheng4 (1953- ) Hong Kong, multiple creditable teachers: yi-chuan, LHBF, and Yang-family tai-chi-. Created 'matrix' LHBF-style: ze ge. 太極禪舞, 
References :
Cheung Kwok Tai : 國泰; Cheung Kuo Dai; zhang4 Guo2 -tai4; Hong Kong, Cheung Kwok Tai Wushu Association ;  Chairman of the HK Dragon Sign Athletic Association, a multiple gold-medalist in internal arts).
>taught Steve Martin (of the Sojourn Past Institute), teacher of Tom Braithwaite, [ DMAA Founder, UK ] and dragon boxing to Steve Martin (of the Sojourn Past Institute), San Diego, CA.
LHBF-HK-Phillipines :
David Chan (October 1950 - 25 Dec 2012) Chinese name:  Chan Cho-ki   陳祖祺  Studied under Lau Sam Muk and Chan Yik-Yan in HK for over 18 years.
Also studied Yi-Chuan under Wu Chi-Chih  [of  the Yu Peng-Hsi lineage ].
Grandmaster David Chan performing Liuhebafa's foundational form.

Major Distributor-Teachers of LHBF:

Li3 Dao4 -li4, Li Dao Lap, 李道立 ,
Liang2 Zhi3-peng2, 梁子鵬 
Fong Pak-Shing, 方伯誠
Li Chung [John]  李忠
Pan Yan Liu [Lew]  潘炎流 [Pan Guan 判官 ], 
   teacher of both Dr. Liu, Zhen-huan (劉震寰) 'York Y. Lu., York Wai Loo' NYC, USA and of  Zhou Shu-sheng  周树生, Singapore [ who was the teacher of Helen Liang ]

LHBF-USA-Chicago :
 Choi, Wai Lun (Cai Hui-lin) 蔡惠麟 Taught by Chen Y.Y. Hong kong. Many students, school closed, teacher retired.

LHBF-Yiquan=HuaYo-Tai-Chi : Boston
Li3 Chung, 'John', 李忠 [ 约翰 ] 

Student/ teacher of/ for Chen Yik-Yan.; Liang Zhi-peng, Fang Pak-xing , Ho Yue-Tin in Hun Yuan; Han Xing-Yuan in Yi-Quan, which he hoped to blend into a single and new creation: Hua Yo Tai-Chi-health exercise.


Dao1 Ping3 xiang2, 陶玶 誠, Dao1 Qi1 jiang1, 陶炳祥, Dao Chi-chiang, aka. Tao Ping-hsiang, aka. Dr. Tao, [Dr. Chi;] was taught LHBF from Wu Yi-Hui 吳翼翬 and Tai Chi- from Cheng Man-ch'ing .陶玶 誠. Died December 2006, teacher of Nick Scrima, Nathan J. Menaged and others. Connection with William Chen, NYC.

LHBF-Southern California and Arizona :
Liu, Zhen-huan ( : 刘震寰 ). aka Dr. Lu York-wai; although all school branches may have learned from Dr. Lu [ aka York Wai Lu ] there are differences in understanding.

Msr. Zhour Shu-Sheng 周树生
1> CAN -British Columbia
   Helen Liang
2> GDR -Germany
   Jennifer Lee

Full Index of Teachers and Distribution appears in Publication