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    I am sometimes asked if there exists a video of myself, performing the LHBF exercise or its' predecessor 'water' boxing.  Yes, there is and also..was; meaning, I do not have a copy.

   One, or rather three videos were made, all at one time, from three different angles during a 
seminar I gave in 2005 in Bangkok for the benefit of 'advancing' the knowledge of NATSTA teachers who previously had had only the second-hand knowledge from Dr.Lu  [ Lu York-wai ] via Vince Black as he was taught.  [ some of the students were miffed at the idea that either was in error about anything or that my differing knowledge differed from what was taught to Vince Black. ]

    I permitted this video on the condition that I would receive a copy of each and to decide upon editing.  

The content that I demonstrated was partially HK LHBF, partly LHBF with YiQuan as created by Li Chung and Han Xing-yuan, and partly 'water-boxing' as taught to me via Ho Xing, a Sun LuTang student whom Msr. Sun permitted his daily tea friend Wu Yi-hui to tutor, and lastly, partly my own, the more flowing, waterspirit which is more 'water' flowing stepping with aspects of Ki-aikido.

    However, I have never recieved any copy as made by NATSTA.  I thus cannot comment on this recording nor upon the organization and its' renged promises.

Vimeo Site : 

John Chung Li   http://vimeo.com/12207128
John Chung Li app. 1980  http://vimeo.com/16712635
Zhang XiaoYuan Liu He Ba Fa  http://vimeo.com/16070580
Msr Yun and Gao pushhands   http://vimeo.com/8639775
Unk gentleman LHBF Peoples Park  http://vimeo.com/16072438


Kam Tung=Cliff Lok, HK action movie star,
LHBF-teacher, HK school under Chen YY
Chin Tung, Ching Tong, Jin Tong, Koo Lung

Roaring Lion 1972

Video-Media :

There are four known archives for LHBF video media :

> the YouTube clips, about which I would advise some caution.

 The YouTube site is progressively becoming the largest and the worst; commercialism and favortism... 'by self-named 'teachers' LHBF

> a German site   which is public, but which existed prior to youtube.

> a Vimeo site, maintained by Erik Matthiesen; this is also the only site that records the meetings of LHBF groups in China..which are also visited by other teacher, american, hong kong, and european. 

> private archives. These are either collective archives or are unique 8mm films of individual teachers or rarely a seminar of teachers.  I am also aware that some teachers maintain a lifetime collection and that access to them ceases when the teacher deceases.

Personal Bests :
  If asked 'what do I recommend' it would not be the traditional LHBF forms as is; they are acceptable, if understood thoroughly, and if their source is also understood.  This is usually not possible.
  Some of the variations upon LHBF which include alternatives and aspects of Wang Xiang-zhai's or the Han Brothers Yi-chuan with basics derived from the now called 'Tai Chi-Ruler' and some turning variations ie. Aikido, make it more complete and understandable.


Choi WaiLun : there are both teaching videos and a martial video from Choi's Singapore competition. Student of Chen YY.
H.K. Movie using LHBF: 'roaring lion' by veteran actor Cliff Lok=Kam Tung, student of Chen Y.Y. At Hongkong Cinemagic.
Anthony Mirakian : 8-mm Video, 'water-style', made in Taiwan.  RARE. The styling is as 'ba gua' like
Paul Dillon : HwaYo-T'ai-Chi, 12-animals of  LiuHoPaFa.
John Chung Li : HwaYo-Tai Chi, 8-mm Video, Black+White
John Chung Li : HwaYo Video, 8-mm, Color; made during Denmark trip. [ Both of these can be viewed at the Vimeo site.]
John Chung Li : HwaYo Tai Chi demonstration made for the Boston University Dept. Communications and Media Studies.
Huang Wai-Lun, Florida
Liou He Ba Fa, (first release, Interactive Arts) Terry Dunn with teacher York Why Lu, VHS. Re-issue of the first English language presentation of the so-called "fourth internal art" of 6 Harmonies and 8 Methods by PlumFlower Publications  This video shows Dr. York performing the set, then Terry Dunn performs the same set with subtitled movement names added. There is a second performance of the form by Dr. York. 60 minutes.
Mike Patterson's website in SanDiego, CA, USA; 'Mpegs of Bagau, Hsing-I, Tai Chi Chuan and Liu He Ba Fa uses the first three arts as its base.'  
http://www.hsing-i.com/pics/index.html - Liou He Be Fah Form. (circa 1994) First Section;  Liou He Ba Fah - Applications (circa 1994)
Liu Xiao Ling  studied Liu He Ba Fa (Water Boxing) under Msr. Li Dao Li and Liang Qi Zhong  born in 1950 in Shanghai
Liang Shou-Yu  LiuHeBaFa website [ who was taught by daughter Helen]
Helen Liang Video LiuHeBaFa: waterStyle boxing #TC-LH001  
This exercise series represents snake styling rather than LHBF   Inside KungFu
Cyberkwoon Internet-media LiuHeBaFa Downloads
Xavier demo qi-gong
Kam Tung at youtube: [1],   [2],   [3] He was the 2nd teacher to Jiu Moon-Chow, my last teacher.


VideoClip Links for Liu He Ba Fa at  : http://www.liu-he-ba-fa.info/videoclips.shtml

Videoclips of  Liu He Ba Fa Variations

Video 1 - Liu Xiao Ling 1
Video 2 - Liu Xiao Ling  2
Video 3 - Peter Ziboce, HK School
Video 4 - Andrew Chung
Video 5 - Fo Shan Style-Lineage Liu He Ba Fa
Video 6 - Wu Ying Hua Yue Mountain Xin Yi Liu He Ba Fa Research Association
Video 7 - John Chung Li in Boston, Teacher of HK school & yiquan, matrix-version

Video 11 - Paul Dillon, Teacher-student  of John Chung Li, Boston

Video 8 - Kam Tung, teacher of HK School

Video 29 - Kam Tung 1- Teacher from HK school
Video 30 - Kam Tung 2 - Training
Video 31 - Kam Tung 3  Push-pulse demonstration
Video 32 - Kam Tung 4  Lu Hong 8-strategy Fist.
Video 33 - Kam Tung 5 Demo
Video 34 - Kam Tung 6 Demo
Video 35 - Kam Tung  7 Demo

Video 25 - Yun Yin Sen Part 1. matrix-form: LHBF+yiquan
Video 26 - YunYin Sen Part 2.
Video 27 - YunYin Sen --addendum-1
Video 28 - Yun Yin Sen --addemdum-2

Video 9 - Huang Shuo-Ting
Video 10 - Wai Lun Choi, Chen YY School 
Video 12 - Turnier in Tianjin, China
Video 13 - Chen Yu Tong 1
Video 14 - Chen Yu Tong 2
Video 15 - Unknown, Complementary Form
Video 16 - Tom Braithwaite Hong Kong Internal Kung Fu Championships 2003
Video 17 - Mike Patterson 1, Teacher Los Angles,
Video 18 - Mike Patterson 2,
Video 19 - Mike Patterson 3
Video 20 - Zhang Chang Xin, 1960s.

Video 21 - Variation of the  LHBF Form.
Video 22 - Li Wen Fu, Teacher in Singapore
Video 23 - Zhang Xiao Yuan, Son of  Zhang Chang Xin.
Video 24 - Unknown woman demonstration qigong-LHBF Singapore
Video 36 - Zhou Yue Wen - Liu He Ba Fa  as Wu Shu
Video 37 - Variation of LHBF Form.
Video 38 - Sport-like Variation of LHBF Form.
Video 39 - Variation 1 of  LHBF Form.
Video 40 - Variation 2 of LHBF Form.
Video 41 - Variation 3 of  LHBF Form.
Video 42 - Variation 4 der LHBF Form.
Video 43 - Ling Hanxing LHBF Form. Part-1
Video 44 - Ling Hanxing LHBF Form Part -2.
Video 45 - Brief LHBF Form.
Video 46 - 1st. Generation Variation LHBF Form.
Video 47 - Nathan Menaged Teacher-student of  Master Tao
Video 48 - Helen Liang Form 1, Vancouver, Canada
Video 49 - Helen Liang Form 2, Vancouver, Canada