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    Various publications,  in English and in Chinese exist; the original Chinese source material is generally no longer available accept as precious archival material held by Organizations or privately; some of these have been edited and reissued from HK and PRC book companies
     Some of the earlier HK publications have been scanned and made partially available on some internet websites; with some changes in chapter content. The original Chinese text does not always accompany them.  Even if the Chinese text was made available, newer publicaitons and reissued ones,
are almost always now in Pinyin Simplified Chinese...which results in loss
of translation content.
NOTE: There are at least six other books that I am aware of, most are recent, published only in Chinese from excellent sources; there are also documents that explain cross-over training [LHBF+Yiquan] and documents about obscure history.
 Zhang Chang Xin  張長信 (1918?- 1990) LHBF-   "zhu ji chuan" 築基-LHBF
    "Though he taught the Liuhebafa form as "zhu ji chuan" it was highly modified, and using the power Xingyi and Bagua at its core. His version had less stepping and lower-body focus than the original, using Yi Chuans relaxed stepping as opposed to Liuhebafas structured transitioning stances, and himself labeled it the  lively step style  活歩式 huo bu shi, accordingly.
    Zhang wrote an in-depth book on Liuhebafa that was published in 1990, the same year he died. His son continues to practice and teach his fathers' creation and demonstrates it on the internet.

LiuHe BaFa Publications-Books
Wu Yi-hui, Chan YY, Liang Zhi-peng

LiuHe BaFa Publications-Books

LiuHe BaFa Publications-Books
Five Word Verses

LiuHe BaFa Publications-Books
Khan Foxx : Four Editions : Verses to References

LiuHe BaFa Publications-Books
Related and Supplemental

Chen Po-XiYi Publications
Scholarly Research vs Popular Myth

LiuHe BaFa : Hua ShanPublications-Books
Random reading subjects and various depths.

Magazine Articles, by Khan Foxx (4)

The Five Action of Hsing-I Boxing,  the real meaning 
    Inside Kung Fu (1982) 9(4), April, pp.50-1.
Liu Ho Pa Fa, The KungFu of Six Combination and Eight Methods, 
    Inside Kung Fu (1982), 10(2), February, pp. 67-71.
Starting the Internal Arts, Chan Chuang
    Inside Kung Fu (1982), 10 (3), March, pp. 58-62.
Introduction to Qi Gong, 
    Inside Kung Fu, 10(3)May.1983.. 
Why I don't Want to be a Ninja, 
    Kick Illustrated Magazine (1983), 4 (5), p.16.

Moving Meditation
   The Nation News, Smartlife; Monday, 11 Apr 2005

Magazine Articles :[ LHBF specific ]
John Chung Li, HuaYoTaiChi, Self Defense World, Mt.View,Calif. Jan-Nov 1975. 
Lawerence Tam, Inside KungFu 3(8)may.1976; 3(11)Nov.1976. 
Choi WaiLun: An Interview with Wai Lun Choi, Wu Gong Journal, Mar-Apr.1998  http://trinity.psnw.com/~dlmurray/6h8m1.html#WGJ 
Edgar Ramirez, LiuHeBaFa: The Internal Martial Art of LiuHeBaFa  magazine adaption to website. 
Liu XiaoLing, Liuhebafa, Inside KungFu, March 2003 
Wen-Mei Yu and Gerald A. Sharp; LiuHeBaFa, China's Elusive Water Boxing; interview with Huang Shou Ting,  InsideKungFu,  July 1994, pp.64-65,79. 
Lu Feng-Lin, On Liu He Ba Fa; T'ai Chi Magazine Vol. 26, No. 2,  April 2002.
'The Six Harmonies and Eight Methods system is discussed by Lu Feng-Lin, top student of Han GuiShen, a famous master in Shanghai. Lu discusses its internal principles and relationship of Liu He Ba Fa to other internal martial arts. Liu He Ba Fa has a history dating back to the Sung Dynasty in the 13th century and has complex principles and characteristics based on Taoism.' [copyright Wayfarer Publications] 
Tai Chi Magazine, Vol. 27, No. 4, August 2003
"10-Form Exercises for LongevityPart 1, A set of qigong exercises that are a part of the secret legacy of the Huashan Mountain All-True Daoist School are taught in the first of a series." 
Tai Chi Magazine, Vol. 25, No. 5 October 2003
"10-Form Exercises for LongevityPart 2 "This second series of qigong exercises includes Flying Roc, Turtle Head Retracting and Swimming Dragon. They are part of the Huashan Mountain Daoist School legacy." 
Tai Chi Magazine, Vol. 27, No. 3, June 2003 
"Liuhe Qigong of the Wudang School Considered the essence of the Wudang School of Tai Chi Chuan, this qigong system is said to secure good health by stimulating qi." 
YunYinSen, Inside KungFu
Wu Lin Magazine 1(160) 1995, 1-27, central ideas of LHBF
Qi Qong/ KungFu, winter 95 (304) Helen LIang
Qi Qong/ kungfu, Fall 1993 (203) Liang shou-yu

Yun Yin Sen; T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 2006, Vol. 30, No. 6 
December 2006
The Internal Work of Liuhe Bafa
Yun Yin Sen discusses the six harmonies and eight methods 
that make Liuhe Bafa a Taoist art system focused on health, 
energy and spiritual development.

NOTE : Fuller commentary and additional core texts  and related, supplemental documents are available and encompased by the Fourth and last publication that I will make available.