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Styles : People, Places, Ideas.....

    The LiuHe BaFa Nanjing and Hong Kong forms which in general are the only ones that most people know of, consist of 66 form-series groups, organized as two halves, each with slightly different style, intent, and likely, a differing source. 

   However, there are also 'northern' and 'southern' form-series which may [or may not] predate the first public released Shanghai form and later Nanjing form:  
> 104-[Henan] and the reduced 96-form [Shandong] series, [ Jiang Jian-Ye 姜建业]  ; 
> a 37-form series, [ per Yun Yin-sen 恽银森] ; 
> a 108-Yang Tai-chi-LHBF-form, [per Moy Lin-shin (Mei Lian-xian,梅連羨)] .
[the intent being a non-marital exercise using LHBF as a foundation.]
>  Yi Chuan adaptations as seen from each of the 'Four Diamonds' of Yi Chuan
and in Yi Chuan evolutions as seen from Li Chung's HuaYo [ HwaYue ] TaiChi-.
> Temple-style, this moniker is given to Nanjing LHBF and has also been used with
Li Chung's Hua Yo-Tai chi- which when introduced to Denmark was first called only temple-style Tai chi-. The Hwa-Yue 'Tai Chi-' of teacher is quite different.
> Personal remixing of LHBF with other martial arts principles, ie. snake, Emei, eagle, or Lama.  Sometimes this influence is minor and sometimes the LHBF is completely buried by the student..to teachers' prior styling.

> Late developments : it is alleged that Wu Yi-hui, in the last years of life, was reediting his Nanjing-66 form series, one creation was a 88-form series, another was a 132-form series which was intended to repeat equally, left and right sided, all forms.

96-form LHBF derived from 104-form

   It would be simple to say LiuHeBaFa is a single subject of sameness; 
this is unrealistic...considering personal viewpoints and methodologies.
   There are names of exercises and teachers lost in ambiguousness 
history; there are variations usually place and teacher linked but still called 

There is also : 
> adaptations for health exercise or esoterics and named accordingly.
> political in-fighting and a distinct name is used to show separation.
> the show of friendship between teachers, who exchange students, 
with good intent, only to have cross-over names between the schools 
and crossed concepts produced.

Predating:  various names and places :
'water' style boxing :  水拳  shui chuan, [ this is true as a principle and association, but there is no evidence it existed in the Song Dynasty nor was created by philosopher Chen Tuan, Msr. Xi-yi.

>>Henan: Southern Style : 104-form style, 一百零四
>>Shandong: Northern Style :  96-form style,  九十六
Input to Public : 六合八法 拳 : Shanghai, Nanjing, Hong Kong...
Shanghai-water-style : 上海水拳 "shui chuan, water boxing"

>>66-Form LHBF's :
Shanghai-LHBF:  上海 六合八法 拳   Form Number ?? 96??
[aka 水拳 shui chuan, Shanghai water boxing]  Wu Yi-hui 吳翼翬
Nanjing-LHBF :     南京 六合八法 拳   Wu Yi-hui 吳翼翬  Academic.
Hong Kong-LHBF :   香港  六合八法 拳   
HK Chen Yik-yan : 陳亦人  六合八法 拳  [ conservationist ]

Search : Style-Search :
It is one issue to search for information on LiuHe BaFa and its' related identifiers and related exercise subjects.  It is another when considering 'styling'. Most of the ignorati at the American or European websites, claim or mimic the claim that there does not exist 'styles' of LHBF; this is factually untrue.
    First by the evidence of styles with principles from other CIMA; thus Tai-Chi-LHBF, Ba-Gua-LHBF, Xing-yi-LHBF, and Yi-quan-LHBF. Each exists either through the limitations of the teacher or due to the favortisms of a teacher.
    Second, by evidence of naming in Chinese in the usual Chinese practice.
Thus, a student may deviate enough from a teacher and wishes to identify his
'stylization' such as Han-family style of xyz-exercise. Sometimes the naming is only intended as saying LHBF as done by a teacher; but in reality, it becomes the same as saying 'this teachers'-LHBF'. 

   An example of a cross-over with a renaming to 'appear' different, but in actuality to remain the same derives from HK-to-Boston teacher Li Chung's naming of
華嶽 太極拳 Hua Yu=Hwa Yue Tai Chi, technically a LHBF is classified as a Tai Chi while also including elements of Yi-Quan but not of the hun yuan-spiraling.  This type of merging to enhance is becoming more common, even in China.

  An example of cross-over with reduction is the 108-Tai-chi-LHBF-form, per Moy Lin-shin (Mei Lian-xian,梅連羨) in Canada which is Yang Tai chi-focused to reduce and amend LHBF.  
[ This school is currently split into preserving the creation of Msr. Moy and those who wish to return the forms to being more as LHBF. ]

====Adapted Names in History : 

Note : In the LHBF Book of Chen Yik-yan, the history, locale, 
and distribution of LHBF is given. Due to its numerous locales, it is doubtful that it is as 'rare' as most believe or that some authors would want you to believe. 

The major distinction made seems to be between the LHBF of Wu Yi-hui while in Najing being preferred to that from other locales and older times.

“ In Chen Yi-Ren's writing, he said that 
Wang De-Wei [ 王德威 ] ( of Xian Yang ) 
>> changed LHBF to water fist, 
>> later the art was passed to a daoist Yuan Rong, [ 蓉园 ]???rong yuan ]
    who practiced it as Yuan Tong Ba Fa ( 元通八法 ). 

>> Then LHBF was disseminated to people staying between 
   Sichuan and ShaanXi; 
>>especially among the people with surname Ye ( 叶) and Li ( 李).  

>> Later Yang Jing-Qun [ 杨景群 ]  of Fang Shan  [ 房山 ] 
>> used ( this type of ) Xin Yi Liu He, [ 心意六合拳 ]
     to treat the sick, and 
>> changed its name to 先天十二势. Shang Tien Sz Er Shi-

This excerpt appears to be from 'drifting' at rumsoakedfist forum.

Examples from the Chinese Baidu web search engine: http://www.baidu.com/
which in some regards assists with identity-source...and it also implies that everyone is totally distinct, this partly the fault of Chinese language: 
ie. Japan LHBF rather than LHBF as taught in Japan.

希夷門華嶽心意六合八法Xi-Yi sect of Hua Shan core ideas LHBF

華嶽心意六合八法拳   Hua Yue-mountains-LHBF

佛山六合八法拳       FoShan-Province-LHBF

吴翼翬六合八法,      Wu Yi-hui-[ founder]- LHBF; Nanjing.

盧桂耀六合八法,      Lu Gui-yao-LHBF, Foshan

邵保勝六合八法,      Peter Ziboce LHBF; HK

陳亦人六合八法,      Chen Yik-Yan-LHBF, HK

龍華六合八法,        Lung Wah-LHBF; 

金童六合八法,                 Kam Tung LHBF, HongKong

國際六合八法拳,    International-LHBF; 

日本六合八法,       Japan-LHBF

简化六合八法拳,     Simplified-LHBF; 

六合八法太极拳,     LHBF+Tai Chi-

Taoist [ LHBF ] Tai Chi-

六合八法_呂紅八勢 LHBF+ Lu Hong 8-Imperatives

Questionable : in processing..

>Hong Kong : 香港--pre-Nanjing ??? Wu Yi-hui  吳翼翬
>Sun Lu-tang  孫祿堂  each afternoon for tea;Nanjing 
'Shanghai 'water-boxing to Sun's student Ho xing, 何星子 [-'Lao Fook'---老傅-].
...this is either an early Shanghai or a so-called HuaYue XiYi Sect variation.

Liu2 San1 mu4,  劉三穆  (Lau Saam Mok) style :
Student/ sponsor of Chen Yik-yan  陳亦人  in Hong Kong
contacted to Wu Yi-hui  吳翼翬 to learn a 'longer series' variation..and was expelled for asking.

Matrix Hybrid styles:
'Zhang Chang Xin' -styles  Zhang LHBF : 張長信 六合八法,
mixes Yiquan with bagua and LHBF  Zhu ji chuan'  築基拳

Alternate Styles being questioned :  

It is also historically known that knowledgeable teachers of LHBF created their own 
'style' and that Pan1 Yan2 Liu2    潘炎流 created a Pan Yan Flow =LHBF 
潘炎流 六合八法拳. This is taught intact would have been passed through
teacher Zhou Shu-sheng 周树生 to teacher Helen Liang which it seems it did not.

Although this style is called both LHBF and water boxing, it is clearly influenced by the prior traing in Snake style and Emei style which her father is noted for. Thus this lineage should be listed as:

Wu Yi-hui, 吴翼翚 founder Nanjing-66 forms
>Pan1 Yan2 Liu2  潘炎流 one of 25 certified Nanjing teachers
>>Zhou Shu-sheng 周树生 currently teaching in Singapore
>>>Helen Liang [ Liang, Hao; 梁好 ] 
>Liang, Shou-yu  梁守渝 [ daughter teaching to her father ]
>>>> Derek Cheng 鄭 [full chinese name unknown]
>>>>Wu Wen ching 吴雯青 Teaches at Way of the Dragon School, Rhode Island
Thus, currently  梁好家 - 六合八法拳 Liang Hao Jia-LHBF would be this style.

Alternate Styles :
水拳  shui chuan, water boxing variations.

Ziboce zen style :  IMA matrix in one form-series.

Principle addended exercises :
六心合 Liu hsin he  "Idea Six Combination"
神心功 Shen hsin  "Idea Spiritual Kung Fu.

元拳 Yon-boxing =Yuan = Hun Yuan 混元拳 [ addended by Li Chung ]

References to the above data is contained in fourth edition of my book.