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Ambiguous Names and Spellings used : 
Note:  An internet search for the principles or forms of the exercise needs to consider the variations in spelling and misspelling, and the fact that search engine programs are non-intelligent for these differences,  六合八法
for example :

Mandarin :
LiuHeBaFa, LiuHe BaFa, Liu He Ba Fa, Liu_He_ Ba_Fa, LHBF

Cantonese :
LiuHoPaFa, LiuHo PaFa, Liu Ho Pa Fa, Liu_Ho_ Pa_ Fa, LHPF
Lok Hup Ba Fa, Lok_Hup Ba_Fa, Lok Hop Pat Fat

Best Guess Chinese-English :
Lu Ho Ba Fah, Luk hup batt fut, Lieh Hou Ba Far

Waterspirit6x8 is a modernized way of naming, 6x8 refers to the
principle verses and water+spirit refers to the principle-modus of practice.
[ I am the source and only user of this as a modern name for LHBF]
Tai-Chi Names: Hua-Yu, Hua-Yo, Hwa-Yue, HuaYo, HwaYue, HY-Tai Chi.
I sometimes tell students it would be easier to call it Hua-shan [Hwa-san] Tai-chi-
as this place name is well known due to chinese martial movies.

Water boxing, water-style boxing has been used but tends to uncover too often the modern practice of fist-boxing in water or box burning day in HK after Christmas. Water is itself is symbolic of self-correcting motion and intrisinic 'intuitition'. This metaphor does not require the words 'dao' nor 'zen' to be understood.

Unrelated : Hua-shan -boxing, Hua-boxing, Hwa-Kungfu...Liu-he boxing. Ba-fa boxing [ liu-he and ba-fa boxing are usually related to Shaolin-styles, but there seems to exist non-shaolin styles developed either prior to or exterior of this temple ].

[ Note: fortunately, the Chinese for LHBF is so fundamental that the 'improved', 'simplified', 'modern' pinyin version has not altered it. ]

Related :  Liu-He -boxing, Ba-Fa -boxing,

LiuHe Boxing

BaFa Boxing : Shao Lin






五形八法拳, 五行八法拳






築基  Zhu Ji   'Finding the Foundation' :
   Zhu-Ji is a name sometimes used as LHBF; in principle this is acceptable; 
Zhu-ji  is also claimed as the 'original' name, this is unproven and is also not required.The name has been used for LHBF in Shanghai. Also, Yi-chuan + LHBF mixture exists :
   Zhu Ji Chuan as developed by Zhang Chang-xin  張長信 六合八法派
   In principle, Zhu-ji is parallel to Zhan Zhuang, but moving; Zhu-Ji is more similar to the 'health dance', moving to understand, the top end of Yi chuan practice.
Zhu-ji is the first step, the starting action of alchemy, followed by energy release,  the jing, controlling of energy flow, the chi, followed by channeling and directing, by the spirit; merging
  A longer and deeper look, indicates that 'zhu-ji' may also be used as a phonetic
for zhu-xi, a philosopher; this is covered elsewhere.

Note :  The contemporary name of Liu He Ba Fa is : Mind Intention'... 'Six Harmonies Eight Methods' ...Three Stances Levels, Twelve [ animal mimic ] Postures. [ each part of this name is also an iconic-phonetic. ]
   Most Chinese website refers to it without such a lengthy descriptive title, it remains identified as LHBF and water-boxing. The editors of the en.wikipedia.org site tend to incorrectly edit and undo the connection between the principles LHBF and their application 'chuan' boxing exercise. ie. taichi is understood as taichi-chuan, boxing; however a search in chinese characters does require the character chuan for boxing. LHBF, although it could be divided into a philosophical LH and BF part, still requires either to be addended to a subject, of at least 'boxing-pugalism' or a style.

Names Linked to LiuHe BaFa : Disambiguous

     六 合 : 八 法
All of the various names associated with this boxing exercise arise from a historical context, at time simple, at times verbose, and at times turning back to an older name, but
reinterpreted within a modern context; this serpentine come-go-return of titles is common.

水拳   shui chuan, water boxing [a metaphor for Tao] LHBF is currently also called water-style boxing as it was called in Shanghai; however Nanking LHBF is not water boxing.

水神拳 shui shen chuan, water spirit boxing; said to be another early name.

拳    you chuan, swimming boxing,

六合 八 法 Liu He Ba Fa 'fist' Boxing

華嶽心意六合八法拳 Hua Yo = Hwa Yue 'central ideas' LiuHe BaFa

華嶽希夷門 心意六合八法拳 =

[Mt} Hua Yue [Chen] XiYi Sect [AND] Central-Ideas [of] LHBF boxing

....or the Chen XiYi-Sects exercises with the LiuHe- and BaFa-boxing.

三盤十二勢 San Pan Shi Er Shi - 3 Divisions, 12 Spirits [3-levels and 12-animals]

心意 六合 八法 三盤十二勢 Xin Yi Liu He Ba Fa San Pan Shi Er Shi

Principle addended exercises:

呂紅八勢 Lu Hong Ba Shi = Lu Hong's 8-Imperatives Fist, the exercise permeates the Nanking and Hong Kong style and has been taught seperately as a southern style of boxing. the name Lu Hong is likely a metaphor rather than a name. It does however carry the idea LU-'note' and HONG-'red', implying an Imperial Directive; the implementation is as eight grouped forms, is sometimes also called 'Mother-Son' boxing and 'Eight-Link-Fist'. It is also important to note that the exercise is not called 'chuan' boxing, but 'shi' 勢 which carries the meaning of 'intrinsic..potential...power'; this moniker appears on many older exercises; the use of 'chuan' boxing only implies 'fist' which also meaning opening and closing also, thus grappling.

Some teachers favor this exercise over the LHBF, although Lu Hong boxings' origins are external in practice and have been reworked as internal.

Other Exercises adapted and addended to Nanking-LHBF :

螫龍遊 Zhe Long You - Coiled Dragon Swimming: fluid body movement; this is more similar to the early Shanghai water-boxing than is the Nanking LHBF.
螫龍拳 Zhe Long Chuan - Coiled Dragon Fist: serpentine-spiraling characterstic.

龍虎戰 Long Hu Zhan - Dragon and Tiger Fighting: joint locking methods.

Language Note:
   It is important to stay with the traditional 'mandarin' chinese for character representation; the attempt by the CPC =Communist Party of China to erase thousands of years of history through a more complex but damaged character symbols is not acceptable for academic topics.