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Abducted Children
Conor Bruce and Jeannie

    Under the United Nations Hague Convention, The Convention provides a legal mechanism  to seek return of abducted and kidnapped children and or to exercise parental visitation rights.  Non-signatory 'nations' choose to ignore this civilized Convention.
     Eighty members of the United Nations have signed, Eight of the 10 members of newly established ASEAN [Association-SE-Asian-Nations] have not signed the Hague Convention; many have neither appropriate laws, nor any written laws, nor any social ethics regarding parental abduction.  As such, without any legal structure, police within those countries will not even write an incident report against the abductor as there is no legal court framework to pursue such a case and no social ethics to penalize parental abduction.
     Thailand, is NOT a Signer on all aspects of  this Internationally recognized Agreement; Children's Rights are regularly abused and ignored by Thai Authorities and the Thai Judiciary; the vanity of sovereinty prevails; to even suggest that a Thai Judge lacks justice or ethics, functioning instead on unwritten Thai social values embedded in Thai heritage, and to maintain the status quo of Thai castes..would get jail time for 'disrespect to authority' or the 'authorities' who write or interpret the laws...which the government writes. It is often times a case of stubborness to fault themselves, their writings, and their mistakes. In general, even educated Thai's do not differentiate social ethics from basic morality.
    Childrens rights are reduced to servile obedience and submission to corporeal beatings and indoctrination...as sanctioned and written in Thai Family Laws. Even though such practices were erased by King Rama-5 and are not permitted by current Thai Constitution [modified by 2007 military coup]...signed by current King Rama-13, Thai Family Laws typically when defining a 'law' state, 'as is acceptable per Thai social and cultural traditions'. Which is as 'as we always have done.' This is not acceptable morally nywhere outside of Thailand.
    Although Thailand does have a Human Rights Commission, it is deliberately without any legal or police power [or influence upon Police or Judiciary] to act timely or to act at all; it is at best a symbolic but empty gesture. Thai government changes with such frequency, it is a perpetual 'interrim' acting government. But it does find continual need towards 'my good friend' investors...of the moment: USA, PRC, USSR...., an unethical society at the least.

   Foreign Court Orders for Custody or Protection of children abducted within or to Thailand, will NOT be honored by Thai Police nor Thai Judiciaries; thus US Embassy Bangkok will also not assist, intervene, nor comment less symbolic vanity be lost by both. Thai Ministry of 'Social Welfare and Development' will not consider the inherent 'wrongness' of paretnal abduction nor the 'mental instability' of the abductor, nor the lifetime damages to the child.  They will not interview victimized children as this may 'traumatize' them and as they are 'just children', or we are buddhist, 'hence we can do no wrong'.  It is considered acceptable for 'foster' parents or parents to teach the children about ghosts and that Thai Soap-operas' regualarly featuring vexatiouness and beatings as Thai 'culture'. Thai's will often say 'this is who we are'.
   Although the U.S. Deptment of State is obligated to actively protect all USC childrens' rights and their citizen rights within any sphere of influence, as scribed in the US Constitution and foresworn to by every government worker,... the US Embassy Bangkok aka US Dept. State will not interfer, assist, nor sanction Thailand, as it is that is not concerned with human or childrens' rights issues, nor with the parental rights of US Citizens as 'foreigners'. Their concerns are to maintain their power status over the public. This is evident from their appoint by Republican President GW Bush, which the US Embassy under influence of Sec. State Hillary Clinton who continues the policies of George Bush appointed Sec. State Condolezza Rice. Faces change, foreign policies do not.
   Thai Police and Thai Courts have a policy of collusion and 'silence' about such issues and a bias of unilateral aiding only the Thai-side, a  'thai helping thai'. [51/49]

    Thai Police also will not make nor render a police record against a Thai as it would be official that a Thai faults; Thai Police malfeseance, Thai social bias and collusion, or Thai social insanity are acceptable. Thai regularly make 'defamation'
lawsuits to protect the image of their vanity when an undesirable truth becomes known; also, there are cases of protecting those above the laws.

   Corporal punishment of children is sanctioned within Thai 'Childrens' laws; although forbidden in Schools, it is done anyway  as when the Thai teachers' ability with English is less than the half-thai students' ability. Do not make authorities appear incompetent. No sorry nor penalty is extended. Thailand's school system is not an educational system as defined normally, it is structured by a military General [who grabbed the government with a coup] and initiated 'uniformity' and 'obediance' as the primary goals of the public schools. Thus, the product is silent and servile.

    Thai consistently claim, Family Law is without bias, written words may be, but the ingrained nationalism attitude and foreigner bias and frequency of Thai men often beating woman, leans the case to a biased opinion at the onset. Thai lawyers will often not oppose this pattern.

Barack Obama
Senator cum President Can not decide

Senator cum Secretary of State
Lets Foreign Policy Decide

US Ambassador exploits the $20M Thai military aid
Krisite Kenney Sky Diving with the Thai Military

America can intervene militarilly and can vocalize distane for abuse of power, denial of freedoms, and make lavish donations; but not for ameicans, and not against host Indo-Chinese country Thailand.
Two years ago, Senators. Barack Obama, Sen. Diane Feinstein, Sen. Barbara Boxer, Rep. Nancy Pelosi were all notified of a US Citizen and the abduction by threat of force of a US Citizen by a mentally unstable Thai; none took any action.

The U.S Embassy Bangkok under the Ambassadorships of  Mr. 'Skip' Ralph Boyce or of Mr. Eric John put the diplomatic 'partnership' and 'sovereignty' of the Thai Government above that of a childs' welfare and that of his future. The newest US ambassador Ms.Kristie Kenney who would rather go skydiving than listen to US Citizen grievances caused by or ignored by Thailand.
The U.S Embassy Bangkok under the Ambassadorships of  Mr. 'Skip' Ralph Boyce or of Mr. Eric John put the diplomatic 'partnership' and 'sovereignty' of the Thai Government above that of a childs' welfare and that of his future. The newest US ambassador Ms.Kristie Kenney who would rather go skydiving than listen to US Citizen grievances caused by or ignored by Thailand.

Sen. Hillary Clinton, and Sen. Joe Biden...where all petitioned in their various capacities as US Senators on various Committees that would be able to exert influence upon the ethics, morality, policies regarding childrens's rights and child abduction. And upon the innate deficiency that US Citizen victimized in and by a foreign nation are systematically denied US Congress representation and defense becuase they are not physically present in the USA.
Now that each Congressman has been elevated to executive presidential or cabinet level powers, 
President. Obama and Sec.State Hillary Clinton, ...
each continues to do as before per 'policy'...nothing. 
US Ambassador Eric John has recently demonstrated his sense of 'father' and
'parental guidance' by bringing his 17 year old daughter to New Your City to enroll in art-design school;... first night in NYC, using a false ID she had, she went with a man to his apartment and 'walked off the balcony, inebreated..from the 22nd floor. Mr Eric John, although guilty of parental negligence and lack of due care as a parent was NOT arrested by NYC Police, his diplomatic status protecting him.

America does abandon its' citizens and citizen children to 'please' foreign, fascist, dictatorships.  The Thai govenments facade is only to continue US aid $$$.
Who is to blame when both governments gain, it's just business as usual.

Controversies : Office_of_Children's_Issues

In 2002 parents of internationally abducted children characterized the Office of Children's of allowing “clientitis,” or deference to foreign leaders and laws, to trump OCI’s vigilant pursuit of the interests of U.S. citizens. 

Patricia Roush, the mother of daughters abducted to Saudi Arabia, characterized her interactions with the State Department and Office of Children's Issues as demonstrating “indifference bordering on hostility,” Dismissing the Office as “merely another data collecting, do-nothing, play-dead-at-the-wheel section of the federal government." 

Maureen Dabbagh, mother of a daughter abducted to Syria, used the Freedom of Information Act to acquire her OCI files and was shocked by “page after page of slanderous, insulting comments made about me and comments trivializing my case.”[6]

In 2003, Joel Mowbray, the journalist credited with exposing the still running "Visa Express" program of the US State Department long after it allowed the entry of at least 15 of the 18 hijackers of 9/11 wrote the book "Dangerous Diplomacy" on the role and culture of the US State Department. Mowbray's second chapter in "Dangerous Diplomacy", titled "Cold Shoulder: State's Smallest Victim's", is dedicated to an analysis of the assistance provided to American parents left in the wake of an international child abduction. 

It describes State's overriding desire to appease foreign governments and maintain "good relations" as having a conflict of interest between their responsibility to internationally abducted children as the designated United States Central Authority under the Hague Convention. This inherent conflict of interest between the two roles is magnified by what the book defines as the "culture of state", a culture characterized by extreme moral relativism, valuing process over substance and misplaced priorities that reward failures by promotions or high paying jobs "consulting" for the foreign government of the country that they'd previously been paid to advocate America's interests in.[7]

A 2009 US Department of Justice press release reported nine US State Department employees, including at least one Citizens Services Specialist in the Office of Children's Issues, admitted to illegally accessing the passport applications of celebrities and viewing extensive personal information in their applications in violation of the Privacy Act of 1974. The same act that is extensively cited to deny victim parents access to information on their internationally abducted children.[8]

http://www.bangkokpost.com/print/157264/Will somebody please think of our helpless children? By Arglit Boonyai
Facing the facts of child abduction
Japan urged to settle international child custody issue

The Pirates Argument: Keep to the Code :
   ' We are a land of Laws'  Yes you are, but not a land of justice for all and at all economic/ power levels, and also for foreigners, without intentional bias.
   'If a lie is told often enough, it is eventually accepted as the truth' [Joseph Stalin]
    People who inherit power or seize power promulgate themselves as the 'authorities' ...who also are the authors of the laws they use to protect themselves and those that protect them. All others are to be 'obediant without question'. If you do question authority, you become labeled as counter-revolutionary, or a terrorist or anarchist or insurrectionist or troublemaker. Or you are sued but smearing the integrity and face-vanity image of the 'responsible official'.
China's Chairman Mao Tse-tung said of this :
                  'the power of authority comes out of the end of a gun.'
   Social policies, traditional norms, and prevailing ethics are often not written, but are often followed by the Authorities and their authored laws to keep themselves in power; this does not mean a societies ethics and policy norms, no matter how many generations they have been followed or how pervasive they are represent fair justice or morality...neither needs to be scribed to be accepted.
   The Country in question might as well have aquired the 'Laws of King John' of England; but who did absorb prior South African Laws for Apartheid and any useful Dutch laws to continue social caste system 'authority'.
   The Country in question did not import nor create nor recreate buddhist-secularisms, but did adopt the prior Khmer King's Trimurti [three faced] icon for power and 'luck' by the elite whointentionally also  imported the survile obeiance of buddhism for the unimpowered masses...to keep them unimpowered as their fate.
[Data obtained for graduate-level academic research thesis, 'meaning of Trimurti]

The Trimurti (English: ‘three forms’; Sanskrit: त्रिमूर्ति trimūrti) is a concept in Hinduism "in which the cosmic functions of creation, maintenance, and destruction are personified by the forms of Brahmā the creator, Vishnu the maintainer or preserver, and Śhiva the destroyer or transformer," These three deities have been called "the Hindu triad" or the "Great Trinity,", often addressed as "Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh."  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trimurti