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Training: Ball-Rolling, Wun Yuen Kao

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Wun Yuan Ball Rolling
Msr Kam Tung

Introduction :
   There are important 'auxilliary' or add-on exercises that are used to develop apprehension of the exercise and to develop the physical intelligence to move with the motion without deliberation. In general, these are refered to as xian tian 先天 innate or natural sourced skills usually categorized as a energy-flow 氣功 chi-kung [qi-gong].
   Collectively, there are three main exercises, but only one will be shown here.
Tai chi chih = ruler  太極尺 [note not confuse with 尺  chě  one of the characters used to represent a musical note in gongche notation ] 尺  chǐ  a Chinese foot measure, one-third of a meter, a ruler, a tape-measure, and also one of the three acupoints for measuring pulse in Chinese medicine.
Tai chi bang = stick  太極棒
Tai chi qiu = ball, sphere   太极球
[ also called Hun Yuan qiu 'ball' 混元球 hun yuan 混元 being origin of cosmos ]

Hun-Yuan Yi-Qi-Zhang (PinYin) = Wan-Yun Yat Yei Jeung (Cantonese)
'blended, original, singular, aether-Qi-energy, hand-palm'   渾元 or 混元 

   The named Hun-Yuan Yi-Qi,  Primodial Unified-Non-Dual Qi Palm', could easily be used as a more esoteric cosmological name for any exercise. 

Hun-yuan or Wan-yun appears in connection with swirling, torqueing, twisting, turning over exercises said exiting from various sources: WuTang-hun-yuan, Chen TaiChi hun-yuan [silkreeling] and is applied also to the mobility-sensitivity ball-rolling exercise Hun-Yuan-Liu. 

It is a central concept and patterning of exchange.

Liu-He could become the Yi-He, singular-unified harmony or reversed to He-Yi, harmony as/to one.  Ba-Fa, could easily be said as eight-methods, standard methods or methods a standard, a standard of the universe or to a proto-original cosmos.  Similarly, Ai-Ki-Do could be said as He-Qi-Dao, 'unified' harmonious Qi, or Yi-Qi, unified Qi, to the standard of Dao, the guiding path, alternately to the standard of the proto-original, the Yuan.

Ball Rolling Exercise

Varigated Ball Rolling [table-practice] Exercise:   混元
  The method includes: a ball, a table, and an exercise.
+ the ball can be of any size or material
+ the table can be of any material, but usually is about waist height.
+ the exercises performed on the ball are simple and complex circles:
   一杰混元功 Yi Jie Hun Yuan Gong
  The pictures shown, are of the Hong Kong movie actor, Kam Tung, who was
also a student of Chen YikYan. [His video clips are viewable on YouTube] My third LHPF teach 'Moon', met him and observed his ability with this practice method; he said he observed him roll and then project a wooden ball off the table, and 'shoot' the ball across the courtyard of his garden-home to a wall where the ball then rolled 'up' the courtyard wall. Moon also said he observed Kam Tung perform publically and performed  'fa-jing' power pulse, by projecting a demostrator off the platform.

Ball-rolling exercise
Kam Tung series-1
Ball-rolling Exercise
Kam Tung series-2

   Alternatives to table-ball rolling/lifting exercise, is taiji-qigong-ruler exercise, which although normally done with a stick-ruler, can also be done with a ball.  A ball, floating in water or even a bag of water can be practiced with. A ball supported and suspended on a string is another training aid. The reciprocal to 'embracing' an object is 'expanding' to an object, this is done with a loop-circle of  bamboo or similar material; this is often associated with WingTsun-training, but is neither unique nor exclusive to that exercises origins or development. The limitations of training methods are your own imagination.

References :
Using a Ball to Learn Tai Chi, George Tarbay of DeKalb, IL
T'ai Chi Magazine, Vol. 25, No. 6  December 2001 [Wayfarer Publications]
'writes about a technique he has found to teach students to be aware of the Tai Chi energy ball. With the aid of photographs, he shows how it can be used to position the body correctly while doing the form.
[Wayfarer Pub.  All Rights Reserved]
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